Hello there, I'm known as Erik Mouse and this is my personal webpage which is about myself, my beliefs, and things related to me. The picture you see to the left is of my fursona which is of course an anthro mouse who is from Anthropia Village. In case if you don't know, Anthropia Village is the main village in some of my stories and fan fiction that is located deep in the rather large and dense Forest of Forestia. Even though that the Forest of Forestia is one of the many forests in the Kingdom of Miracles, the Kingdom of Miracles is usually not mentioned in any of my stories and fan fiction. Anyway, here in Anthropia Village you would find huts and small dwellings where anthro animal characters such as myself, Elvin Mouse, Terry Mouse, Benny Mouse, Suzette Fox, Kane Fox and his brother and sisters, etc. live and play. Since that there is another village in the Forest of Forestia called Forestia Village that is populated with humans, Anthropia Village is also usually hidden to avoid being discovered by the humans who would hunt down and kill the anthro animal characters. However, not all humans there will hurt the anthro animal characters, as they do have a couple human children friends there that are Erik Todd and Alice Todd. Speaking of their human children friends, I am currently writing a story called "The Elfstone Legacy" that involves them and Forestia Village as well as the anthro animal characters in Anthropia Village.
       Now as for the explaination of myself, I'm going to attempt to explain myself the best I can here. My interests start with that I like to use the computer to design and make my own webpages and chat with some people as I have some friends online that I talk to even though none of them are in my area. As for my webpages, they are usually regarding my hobbies and my stories and fan fiction that I have been writing. My hobbies is that I like to collect certain things which is mainly stuffed toys, and have a rather large stuff toy collection. If you want to find out more about my stuffed toy collection, please check out the KM Plushie Place subpage. The KM Plushie Place is where you would find info and pictures of stuffed toys from my stuffed toy collection. Collecting stuffed toys is not the only hobbie I have as I also write stories and fan fiction based on characters that I have created that I also have stuffed toys of in my stuffed toy collection who are mostly adventuring and look forward to readers reading what I just wrote about. One of the original stories I have been writing is "The Elfstone Legacy" that is mentioned above. You can check out my other stories and fan fiction that I have been writing by going to the KM Fan Fiction subpage. And there is other things that I like to do such as video gaming where I can make an rpg game as I have the software that can help me do that.
       Besides my hobbies, I also have spiritual beliefs and interests that are into shamanism and some wicca. My spiritual beliefs and interests are a little more difficult to explain, but I'm going to explain my best. First of all, I have found that I have two spiritual friends/guides (possibly even three now) who are actually young children possibly appearing around the age frame of 8-12 years old. One of them appears to be a fox boy named Kane Fox who is also the one that I write about being part of the family of foxes near Anthropia Village. You will find more info about Kane Fox and the many dreams that I had either with him or my grandma's house (where I have found him) in Kane Fox's Den. The other spiritual friend/guide that I have appears to be an elf girl named Lindsey who is the one that I am also writing about in "The Elfstone Legacy". You will also find more info about Lindsey and any dreams I had with her in Lindsey's Elf Playroom. And I may have another spiritual guide that is a little girl wearing a pink dress or footed rompers named Yamka, but that is yet to be determined. Even though I may have had these "feelings" in my grandma's house that led to me finding Kane Fox and likely even Lindsey, there is this friend that I have online that has also been a mentor to me namely Yotewah Coyote who has helped me more to find my spiritual friends/guides with the dreams that I show her. The reason I show Yotewah Coyote my dreams, is because she also helps me to interpret and figure them out as she is such a good friend that I feel that I can believe and trust her.
       As for my spiritual beliefs, I used to go to church many years ago with the Father/Son/Holy Spirit Christian beliefs, but now my own spiritual beliefs have changed and are somewhat different from that. I still believe in one god, but I also believe in many other deities or higher angels that make up the names of the other gods in other belief systems. I also don't exactly believe there is a "heck", but I believe there is a heavenly place in the afterlife. And I also believe in reincarnation which is where you are reborn in another life, and believe in animals being reincarnated in human bodies. This is where I have found my spiritual interests going into shamanism and animal guides where I try to look for more information, and also going into wicca where I am also looking for white and protection spells as I feel that I want to be able to protect my spiritual friends/guides from outside harm. However, I originally came into shamanism from when I found that I seem to have resemblences and connections with the mouse, thus the mouse nickname and character that I have. Also with this mouse character that I have, I have had a mascott costume of the character made with the help of my mom which I tend to wear a bit too much because not only I feel that I am the mouse, its too nice and stuff. And this is not the only character costume I have, as there are other character costumes that I have. If you want to see what the character costumes look like, please feel free to check out the Live Appearances Gallery which is a gallery of pictures of private live appearances that I have made with them.
       Also, as for my disabilities, I believe that I have been disgnosed to have autistic tendancies. I am currently unemployed and unable to get a job for a number of reasons due to my autistic disabilities and that I'm also afraid to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Even though they have been atleast a few furries who have met me in RL encounters who had confirmed my autism, I sometimes find and feel that I'm being "rejected" from society and I don't know exactly why. And at times, I have these thoughts of nostalgia and may explain why I seem to like youngers and stuffed animals, but don't take this the wrong way because I have never did anything real wrong in my life. Anyway, there is a chatroom that I have where friends of mine can come to discuss online about stuff including stuff related to me. Speaking of chatrooms, I go on some friendly irc networks to look for friends and understanding. One of the networks I go to, I have operator or higher status in a number of chatrooms I am in, but there also seems to be some bad rumors going around about me where I am being mistaken for being a "Control Freak" where I am not one. And on top of that, the network operators won't make me founder of any more channels due to the one network operator (you can ask me about that in private or e-mail) thinking that I "Hoard" channels. I do not hoard channels as I would need to have dozens of nicks with dozens of empty channels registered to each of them, and of course I don't have that even on my own irc network where I have atleast a dozen channels registered to myself, but no more than that.
       Also, the same network operator is saying that I have a problem with everything and that I like to dictate to people how to run their irc channel, and that they are getting so-called complaints about my operating methods. These two statements are both false as I don't have a problem with everything and don't exactly dictate or tell people how to run their own irc channel. If I had a problem with everything, I would be complaining about everything including irc networks, irc channels, irc services, domain names, webpages, computers, etc., which I am not. And I am not sure whose complaining about me or if there have been any real complaints about how I run channels, but as far as I am aware, those are likely false rumors about me as I have not done anything bad as I feel that I do a good job helping out in many channels. Speaking of which, I am the admin and owner on another irc network which I have that is called MorphForest IRC Network which is to be a friendly place for chatting. Since there is or could be other problems that could be brought up about me, there has been a good page written by QtPlatypus to help explain about my nature in the hope that with greater understanding, the conflicts and problems people have with me could be reduced with greater levels of happiness for all involved. To check out this page, please click here. And this is all that I have at this time to explain myself, check out the links below for further info.

  1.   Erik Mouse's Haven (IRC Chatroom) - This is my chatroom that is my little haven in the forest. It is also where you can discuss stuff related to me. The rules are the same as the ones in Forest Haven.
  2.   Erik Mouse's Haven (Forum) - This is my forum that is a part of the irc chatroom which is for topics mostly relating to online things and bad rumors going on involving me, but it is only available to friends of mine.
  3.   Erik Mouse's Live Journal - This is my Live Journal that I have where I post updates and some stuff going on with me.
  4.   Erik Mouse's Yahoo! Profile - This is my Yahoo! Profile that has some stuff about me including my interests.

The picture you see below is of my fursona that was drawn by Babs Bunny.

These are other pictures that were drawn of my fursona. If you have drawn a picture of my fursona and want to see it here, please e-mail it to me.

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